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ERIKS offers various e-business solutions that will help you to place your orders electronically in combination with our webshop in a reliable and simple way. Check out our popular solutions here and get advice about the options that would best suit you.

Exchanging information with EDI

Reduce the cost of the purchasing process and the turnaround time for your orders. EDI makes it possible to exchange documents electronically, simplifying the purchasing process. Read how it works here.

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Making the step towards PunchOut orders

It can sometimes be challenging to control your own business processes and manage all the necessary information at the same time. Save time and costs by integrating the data from our webshop into your own system and make processes easier to manage in future. Discover the benefits.

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Barcode scanning

Use barcode scanning to process recurring orders efficiently and save time on stock management. Simply scan the associated barcodes and the order list will be generated automatically to meet your specifications. Contact us for more information.

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