Exchanging information via EDI

Exchanging information via EDI

Order processes involve the exchange of documents. This makes it very labour-intensive and unnecessarily vulnerable to errors. ERIKS offers the opportunity of doing business via EDI. Using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), it is possible to exchange orders, order confirmations, packing slips and invoices automatically.


By doing so, you replace the exchange of physical documents with electronic links. With this, implementing EDI provides significant financial and operational advantages for your company; here’s a summary of what these advantages include.


  1. Save straight away on paper, printing, filing and sending of documents. EDI renders the sending of all those physical documents superfluous.
  2. The speed and accuracy with which documents are exchanged is much higher.
  3. Your personnel can spend their time on other processes which are crucial to your business instead of recurring administrative tasks.
  4. Simplified reporting and status information will offer you a data-driven decision-making process.


An EDI link with ERIKS will streamline your procurement process and reduce the costs of manual processing. Interested in an EDI link with ERIKS? Then feel free to contact us. we are happy to advise you.