PunchOut solution

The step from webshop to PunchOut

If you invest in your own ERP system for managing your business processes, then these processes will be incorporated in the system. Having a vast range of MRO products requires a great deal of effort to gather the required information and to keep it up-to-date. Instead of entering all of this information in your own catalogues and ordering through those catalogues, you can also opt to set up a PunchOut interface with ERIKS webshop.


By doing so, you will benefit from the advantages of both systems without having to maintain all the information yourself. The PunchOut interface makes it possible to order certain products via ERIKS webshop while at the same time adhering to commercial agreements. You have access to all the information you need on our webshop while handling your business processes in your own system as usual.


This means savings for your organisation that will significantly reduce your total cost of ownership. Advantages for you:


1. Detailed product information and real-time stock information without having to update this information yourself.

2. No need to keep stock of non-critical consumables because you can order them directly from ERIKS.

3. Significantly simplified goods receipt and invoicing.


You can set up a PunchOut integration on any ERP system. If your organisation is not ready to set up a PunchOut system, then ERIKS offers several options for transferring information to the order module in your ERP system. Need advice? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.