Gearbox from Fenner close-up product image with white and green background

Fenner Gearbox Range at Pensnett

We stock a comprehensive range of our own flexible, efficient and reliable Fenner branded gearboxes at our Centre of Expertise in Pensnett, West Midlands.

The Fenner M, C, F, K & W series gearboxes are available in modular form making it easier and faster to assemble your customised gearbox or geared motor. From inline helical and worm to helical worm and helical bevel, the Fenner gearbox range offers a flexible solution. And when you add an IE4 efficient motor you can further reduce your carbon footprint and running costs.

Our Pennsett-based technical and project engineers are on hand to select the right customised products as quickly as you need them. When you need a flexible, efficient and reliable gearbox, Fenner is the smart choice.

Fenner M, C, F & K Series

Fenner M, C, F & K Series product images; green and silver gearboxes
  • Built to order from stock in 3-5 days, or same day for breakdowns
  • Highly efficient gearing saving energy and running costs
  • All popular sizes available
  • Output speeds 1 to 1000rpm
  • Stock availability up to 100mm hollow bore / 110mm solid shaft​
  • Dry-Fit motor adapter allows removal of the motor without losing or contaminating the oil
  • Modular accessories for quick interchangeability (output shafts, flanges, torque arms, backstops, etc)​
  • Full “drop-in” bespoke packages available to replace obsolete gearboxes alleviating the need for time-consuming and expensive site modifications

Fenner W Series

  • A modern modular designed aluminium worm box available in a vast range of sizes and ratios for cost effective solutions.
  • Dimensionally interchangeable with the market leaders
  • Versatile mounting
  • Excellent mechanical strength whilst being especially lightweight
  • Accepts standard IEC electric motors
A green Fenner W Series gearbox, with components and the full product displayed on a white background