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At ERIKS, we apply our skills, knowledge and expertise to make industrial companies work better. Over the last 78 years, we've built up deep knowledge in the areas of Sealing Technology, Engineered Plastics, Flow Control, Hoses and Gaskets, Power Transmission and Maintenance and Safety. Now we're sharing our know-how with you through a series of industry-focused articles.

Featured guides

Read our comprehensive guides to learn everything you need to know about our product groups, from types and legislation to selection criteria, potential hazards and maintenance.

Hands arms safety

Learn about the different hazards affecting employees' hands and how to prevent them with safety gloves.
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Safety in the workplace guide

Learn about the most common workplace injuries and how to prevent them with personal protection equipment (PPE).
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Learn about the most common types of bearings and their operation mode, maintenance procedures and frequent causes of damage.
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Articles per product group

Articles about hoses

Industrial and hydraulic hoses

Hoses come in different types, sizes and materials, and each industry and application requires a specific type of hose. Learn how to choose the best products for your application, based on the conveyed media and system.

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Articles sealing technology

Sealing technology and o-rings

Seals are used for joining parts or systems together and preventing leakage, as well as for preventing dust from entering a system. Learn about the different types of seals and how to select the proper product for your application.

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Articles bearings

Power transmission and bearings

A bearing is an important part of a power transmission system. The material, the lubrication and the desired service life should all be considered when choosing a bearing. Learn here how to identify the best bearing for your application.

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Articles about machines

Machines, pumps and compressors

Looking for a pump, compressor, extractor or other equipment for the workplace? Read our articles and learn how to select the proper machine for your application and how to maintain your equipment.

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Articles about safety in the workplace

Safety, tools and maintenance

Learn about the different hazards that can occur in the workplace and how to protect your employees with proper protection equipment.

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Most read articles

Browse through our most popular articles to gain knowledge from industry experts.

Hoses repeat inspection

Is repeat inspection of your hoses mandatory?

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Choose right bearing

How do you choose the right bearing?

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Hoses for food industry

Which hose should you choose for foodstuffs?

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Industry glossary

The Industry Glossary covers the most common terms and abbreviations used in the industries serviced by ERIKS, such as primary industry, food and pharma, energy and transport industry or machine construction. Read the Glossary

Brand spotlight

Fenner® friction belts

World renowned for their rugged construction and efficient performance, trust in excellence of Fenner® friction belts
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SKF Food Line

With their new line of food-safe ball bearing units, SKF is raising the bar for the entire food and beverage industry
Learn about the brand


One-stop solution for best in class tools, safety and maintenance products
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