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Articles about Hoses

Hoses come in different types, sizes and materials, and each industry and application requires a specific type of hose. Learn how to choose the best products for your application, based on the conveyed media and characteristics of the system.

Checklist: Check your rubber steam hoses

Work safely with steam hoses. We have drawn up a practical checklist for you that will allow you to work with peace of mind.

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The five most common problems with steam hoses

To help you extend the service life of your steam hoses, we have identified the five most common problems. Find out how to avoid them.

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Is repeat inspection of your hoses mandatory?

There is often confusion as to whether the repeat inspection of hoses is mandatory. There is only one possible answer to this question: Yes, it is mandatory! We explain how it works.

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Which hose should you choose for foodstuffs?

Are you sure your hoses are safe to come into contact with foodstuffs? We explain which materials are suitable for your application.

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Industrial hoses: Stainless steel v. rubber

Steam hoses can be made of stainless steel or rubber. We have compared the use of stainless steel and rubber hoses and have uncovered some interesting facts.

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The forces of nature and industrial rubber hoses

Industrial rubber hoses are not only used in workshops and factories — they are also used for outdoor applications. Read more about the use of rubber hoses outdoors.

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Which metal hose best suits your application?

There are several variations of metal hoses, including corrugated and wound hoses. Corrugated metal hoses are the most common variant. The ridges and furrows of the metal hose make it possible to bend it.

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