Het gebruik van oliekeerringen bij lagers

How to use oil seals with bearings

In applications where you work with rotating shafts, it is necessary to use a bearing. Most versions of bearings require lubrication so that they can work flawlessly. The most common lubricants are either a grease or oil lubrication (through an oil bath).

Replacement of oil seals

It is of course important for the product life of the bearings that the grease or oil remains in the bearing block. In addition, it is not the intention to let these fats or oils, which can sometimes be expensive in special versions, just leak. To prevent this, oil seals are used.

When an oil seal needs to be replaced, it may very well be that the bearing that protected the oil seal has also had the best of its service life. It is therefore wise to look at the bearing when the oil seal is replaced. If the bearing and / or the oil seal is not replaced in time, deterioration and leakage may be a possible consequence.

When changing the oil seal, pay attention to the material. The choice of material depends on your application. We are happy to explain which compound is most suitable for your application. For oil seals, the materials NBR or Viton (FKM) are usually chosen.


Are you looking for a rubber that is suitable for both standard oils and greases? Then NBR is certainly a good choice. NBR is a perfect solution for most standard applications. This rubber compound is suitable for applications with temperatures from -35 ° C to 100 ° C. However, make sure that this material does not come into contact with sunlight!

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Viton (FKM)

Oil seals made of Viton (FKM) have a broad chemical resistance and are very resistant to deterioration. This material can be used in applications with a temperature range of -15 ° C to 180 ° C.

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Other materials

Do the above materials not match your specific application? There are also different other materials available. Oil seals can also be made from materials such as EPDM or VMQ (Silicone).

Are you not completely certain of your choice, can you not find the right size or material or do you have other questions? Please contact us. Our specialists are ready to help you!

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