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TB DAVIES Fibreglass extension ladders

Tough and durable fibreglass construction ideal for use around electricity. The rope operation makes it easy to extend the full length of the ladder and the reinforced D-shaped rungs make for comfortable climbing and standing.

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Ladder fibreglass 2.5m - 4.0m TB DAVIES Ladder fibreglass 2.5m - 4.0m ERIKS Item #: TBD1119003

Catalogue item no 1: 2756185

Catalogue item no 2: W74A-30950

Ladder fibreglass 3.1m - 5.2m TB DAVIES Ladder fibreglass 3.1m - 5.2m ERIKS Item #: TBD1119004

Catalogue item no 1: 2440458

Catalogue item no 2: W74A-30951

Ladder fibreglass 3.7m - 6.4m TB DAVIES Ladder fibreglass 3.7m - 6.4m ERIKS Item #: TBD1119005

Catalogue item no 1: 2756186

Catalogue item no 2: W74A-30952

Ladder fibreglass 4.3m - 7.6m TB DAVIES Ladder fibreglass 4.3m - 7.6m ERIKS Item #: TBD1119006

Catalogue item no 1: 2756187

Catalogue item no 2: W74A-30953

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