KLINGSPOR Sanding cloth mop

Design: Fleece with aluminium oxide grain (A)
Bore Ø 19 mm.

Application: Especially suited to matt and satin finishing and for end-cutting metal. For use with all popular burnishing machines.

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Non Wov.Flap Wheel Medium100X100X19mm KLINGSPOR Non Wov.Flap Wheel Medium100X100X19mm ERIKS Item #: W90A-84270020

Catalogue item no 1: 3319092

Catalogue item no 2: W89F-50066

Non-W.Flap Wheel V.-Fine 100X100X19mm KLINGSPOR Non-W.Flap Wheel V.-Fine 100X100X19mm ERIKS Item #: W90A-84270030

Catalogue item no 1: 3319093

Catalogue item no 2: W89F-50067

Non Wov.Flap Wheel Coarse100X100X19mm KLINGSPOR Non Wov.Flap Wheel Coarse100X100X19mm ERIKS Item #: W90A-84270010

Catalogue item no 1: 3319091

Catalogue item no 2: W89F-50065

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