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Silencer UC-QS-3H 165005 FESTO Silencer UC-QS-3H 165005 ERIKS Item #: UC-QS-3H

Catalogue item no 1: 667318

Catalogue item no 2: W95A-49127

Silencer UC-QS-4H 165006 FESTO Silencer UC-QS-4H 165006 ERIKS Item #: UC-QS-4H

Catalogue item no 1: 667319

Catalogue item no 2: W95A-49128

Silencer UC-QS-6H 165007 FESTO Silencer UC-QS-6H 165007 ERIKS Item #: UC-QS-6H

Catalogue item no 1: 667320

Catalogue item no 2: W95A-49129

Silencer UC-QS-8H 175611 FESTO Silencer UC-QS-8H 175611 ERIKS Item #: UC-QS-8H

Catalogue item no 1: 1315370

Catalogue item no 2: W95A-49130

Silencer UC-QS-10H 526475 FESTO Silencer UC-QS-10H 526475 ERIKS Item #: UC-QS-10H

Catalogue item no 1: 1736199

Catalogue item no 2: W95A-49126

Silencer UC-1/4 165004 FESTO Silencer UC-1/4 165004 ERIKS Item #: UC-1/4

Catalogue item no 1: 662814

Catalogue item no 2: W95A-49118

Silencer UC-1/4-20 534220 FESTO Silencer UC-1/4-20 534220 ERIKS Item #: UC-1/4-20

Catalogue item no 1: 2158381

Catalogue item no 2: W95A-49119

Silencer UC-1/8 161419 FESTO Silencer UC-1/8 161419 ERIKS Item #: UC-1/8

Catalogue item no 1: 443489

Catalogue item no 2: W95A-49120

Silencer UC-1/8-50 534219 FESTO Silencer UC-1/8-50 534219 ERIKS Item #: UC-1/8-50

Catalogue item no 1: 2791209

Catalogue item no 2: W95A-49121

Silencer UC-3/8-20 576759 FESTO Silencer UC-3/8-20 576759 ERIKS Item #: UC-3/8-20

Catalogue item no 1: 9657260

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update: As the UK government has taken the decision to close all non essential retail businesses this is now impacting on manufacturing and supply channels across the globe. We are working with our supply chain to maintain all product supply.

Our Webshop is experiencing a high volume of demand for certain products that are now classified as “RISK” supply lines. Once your order is placed we will review the availability of products and one of our team will contact you to confirm your order.

Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time.

Thank you on behalf of ERIKS Industrial Services