MOBIL Mobilux Grease

Mobil Mobilux Grease is a high performance lithium hydroxystearate grease which is formulated to provide extra protection against wear, rusting and water washout in industrial applications. Mobilux Grease offers reduced wear under heavy or shock loading and vibration for good equipment reliability and availability. Protection against rust and corrosion for equipment protection and good lubrication even in presence of water. Extended bearing life potential in wet environments for reduced bearing costs and unanticipated downtime.

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Mobilgrease FM101 16KG MOBIL Mobilgrease FM101 16KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-FM101-16KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045222

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50186

Mobilgrease FM101 180KG MOBIL Mobilgrease FM101 180KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-FM101-180KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045223

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50187

Mobilgrease FM222 16KG MOBIL Mobilgrease FM222 16KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-FM222-16KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045224

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50188

Mobilgrease SP 180KG MOBIL Mobilgrease SP 180KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-SP-180KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045286

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50253

Mobilgrease SP 18KG MOBIL Mobilgrease SP 18KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-SP-18KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045287

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50254

Mobilgrease SP 50KG MOBIL Mobilgrease SP 50KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-SP-50KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045288

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50255

Mobilgrease XHP221 180KG MOBIL Mobilgrease XHP221 180KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-XHP221-180KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045523

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50507

Mobilgrease XHP221 18KG MOBIL Mobilgrease XHP221 18KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-XHP221-18KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045524

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50508

Mobilgrease XHP221 50KG MOBIL Mobilgrease XHP221 50KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-XHP221-50KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045525

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50509

Mobilgrease XHP222 180KG MOBIL Mobilgrease XHP222 180KG ERIKS Item #: MOBILGREASE-XHP222-180KG

Catalogue item no 1: 5045526

Catalogue item no 2: W98E-50510

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