SKF Shaft ring series WS

Shaft washers are used primarily with cylindrical roller and cage thrust assemblies but can also be combined with needle roller and cage thrust assemblies. SKF recommends using these washers in high-speed applications where accurate centring of the bearing washers is required.


  • are identified by the prefix WS
  • are made of hardened carbon chromium bearing steel
  • raceway surfaces are precision ground
  • have a ground bore

Inner diameter (mm)
Outer diameter (mm)
Width (mm)
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Shaft ring WS 81102 SKF Shaft ring WS 81102 ERIKS Item #: WS81102-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093663

Shaft ring WS 81104 SKF Shaft ring WS 81104 ERIKS Item #: WS81104-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093710

Catalogue item no 2: W70A-61443

Shaft ring WS 81105 SKF Shaft ring WS 81105 ERIKS Item #: WS81105-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093748

Catalogue item no 2: W70A-61444

Shaft ring WS 81106 SKF Shaft ring WS 81106 ERIKS Item #: WS81106-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093768

Catalogue item no 2: W70A-61445

Shaft ring WS 81206 SKF Shaft ring WS 81206 ERIKS Item #: WS81206-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093903

Shaft ring WS 81107 SKF Shaft ring WS 81107 ERIKS Item #: WS81107-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093836

Catalogue item no 2: W70A-61446

Shaft ring WS 81108 SKF Shaft ring WS 81108 ERIKS Item #: WS81108-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093845

Catalogue item no 2: W70A-61447

Shaft ring WS 81109 SKF Shaft ring WS 81109 ERIKS Item #: WS81109-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093860

Catalogue item no 2: W70A-61448

Shaft ring WS 81110 SKF Shaft ring WS 81110 ERIKS Item #: WS81110-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093906

Catalogue item no 2: W70A-61449

Shaft ring WS 81111 SKF Shaft ring WS 81111 ERIKS Item #: WS81111-SKF

Catalogue item no 1: 2093985

Catalogue item no 2: W70A-61450

Inner diameter (mm)
Outer diameter (mm)
Width (mm)
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